Process : Maintenance Practises

Case study

Context and objectives

The need to improve its competitive performance prompted this iron and steel company to launch an initiative to implement a series of best maintenance practices. The mission consisted in performing an initial diagnostic and then providing support, for 3 years, for the implementation of best maintenance practices in order to progress according to two main indicators :

  • Availability of the equipment and of the rolling mill in particular
  • Maintenance costs

Approach and methodology

The assignment included two phases :

  • A short diagnostic allowed us to identify opportunities for improvement and the levers for action, and to convince the managers on the site that the target was reachable
  • A 2-year project phase to implement the identified action plans and achieve the expected results

Some examples of the actions taken :

  • Better command of external companies and scheduled shutdowns
  • More effective interventions (preventive routines, fmeca, better use of past experiences, etc.)
  • More efficient interventions (planning, maintenance management system, more frequent monitoring, etc.)


  • A 5% improvement in the trs of the roller mill, and a 7% drop in system maintenance costs
  • Knowledge transfer to the customer’s teams, support for the change in behaviors (coaching, training, communication, skills management, motivation, etc.)