Fashion : Five best practices to improve time to market :
Field service management : From reactivity to proactivity :
Productivity - Aim for transformational rather than incremental change :
How can Procurement rise to the challenge? The issue of low productivity is not confined to the financial press anymore: whilst it is a subject of concern in the UK ever since the financial crisis, it is more and more discussed in other developed...
Michelin tracks inter-continental sea-freight flows with an IoT-Based solution developped with Sigfox France and Argon Consulting :
Paris, FRANCE – May 24, 2018 Today, Michelin, Sigfox France and Argon Consulting announced the launch of a new disruptive solution for the tracking of sea-freight containers in real-time based on Sigfox’s technology and global network. Michelin, the...
Argon Consulting and Crimson & Co are merging to create a leading international consulting firm that specialises in operations transformation :
Argon consulting, an independent consulting firm and the leader in operations transformation in France and Crimson & Co, a global management consultancy that specialises in the supply chain and is active in the UK, the USA, and the Asia-Pacific...
What if we really brought the customer into Manufacturing? :
In the near future... Objective warehouse 4.0 : Read the opinion of Nicolas Gellé, Partner at Argon, in FM Logistic regarding the future of the warehouse. How to anticipate new technologies? How to stay competitive in a fast moving environment?
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Purchasing from a client perspective : Procurement Systems designed by ERP geeks are missing the point. So are those designed by Procurement people.
The ‘Tail’ spend is found to be more and more on CPOs’ agenda. For example, a FTSE 100 who had decided to address its 10% bottom spend (about $ 1bn) realised that it made up 85% of its suppliers (in excess of 20,000!) once the Supply Base had been...
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Brexit-proofing your upstream Supply Chain: a mitigation Strategy :
Experts’ analyses have often been proven wrong. However, it does not take a lot of expertise to anticipate that the prospect of a Trade deal between the UK and the EU, that would more or less replicate the current conditions, in place for April 2019...
Farnborough air show flies into Brexit storm : CTV News
The Farnborough air show opens Monday in the face of turbulence from Britain's shock decision to exit the European Union. The event held every two years southwest of London traditionally features a battle between US titan Boeing and Europe's Airbus...