Strategy and Roadmap

Which is the winning strategy for the company?

There are multiple Shared Services models to choose from, including transactional centers versus expertise centers, geographically dispersed model versus regional, global model and captive centers versus Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

The same goes for the scope of Shared Services and location of centers, as well as potential implementation scenarios. These choices also imply relatively large organizational changes, whose impact should be measured in advance.

Therefore, it is essential to build a strategy bearing in mind the opportunities and risks of the project.

The preparation of the strategy and roadmap involves three stages:

1.    Preparing a diagnosis of the current situation:

  • How mature are the company's support functions?
  • In which functions and activities are they deployed? In which areas?
  • How are costs and performance evolving? more

2.    Identifying and assessing the various evolution scenarios to clarify the choice of target vision for Shared Services. Commonly analyzed macro-scenarios include:

  • Consolidation of activities in national and global Shared Service centers with location scenarios
  • Outsourcing of certain activities
  • Integration of end-to-end processes
  • Widening of the functional scope and evolution of the governance model

3.    Preparing the roadmap and business case for the transformation:

  • Evaluation of all opportunities and restrictions to be considered for the implementation, whether technical, HR/social, economic, or political
  • Analysis of the different potential roadmaps and recommendations
  • Preparation of a realistic business case, integrating all project costs and benefits


How can Argon Consulting help you?

Beyond the methodology, Argon Consulting contributes Shared Services expertise that provides the necessary objectivity to make the correct strategic choices. Our recommendations are supported by numerous business cases and surveillance of the evolution of Shared Services.