Shared Services Performance

Which levers to attain operational excellence ?

Shared Services provide the opportunity to improve performance. We have identified four major levers of operational excellence:

  1. Placing Human Resources management at the heart of performance
  2. Improving the relationship with internal clients
  3. Implementing a performance management system
  4. Launching a process of continuous improvement

The excellence of teams is the most important lever. Companies must be more selective when recruiting and it is essential to develop skills by creating suitable professional development paths for employees. more

The satisfaction of internal clients is also critical. Beyond the attitude of Shared Services teams, it is necessary to deploy good client relationship management practices, such as satisfaction surveys. Service quality transparency is a pre-requisite for making progress in this area.

More generally, Shared Services need to manage performance by implementing a 'Command Center' that supplies operational information in real-time. This serves to manage business more effectively and guarantee good service delivery management.

Shared Services teams, internal clients, and KPIs are the main ingredients for launching a continuous development process. The approach, inspired by Lean Management and quality systems, must be factual, pragmatic, and systematic. It means training employees as part of their development path, as stated above.


How can Argon Consulting help you?

The experts at Argon Consulting have an excellent understanding of Shared Services operational excellence levers and Lean Management methods, know-how that enables supporting their clients in the pursuit of improved performance.