Program Management

Reduce time-to-market and achieve the development within the set time limits

The major challenges of program and project management continue to be customer satisfaction, time-to-market, and securing the planned business case.

Context and challenges

A company's ability to place a new product or service on the market before the competition, or within the time frames announced to the market (or its clients), gives it an extremely strong competitive advantage.

Although significant efforts have been made in this domain, the parallel evolution of industrial blueprints (multi-site, multi-country, multi-society, Research and Technology (R&T) collaboration with SMEs and universities) and financial blueprints (type, form, and source of funding) has made it harder to manage lead times for R&T/Research and Development (R&D) projects and programs under development.


The consequences include difficulty in coordinating resources, a persistent “tunnel effect”, and programs and projects with significant recurring delays. The analysis of European programs under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) showed that expected deliverables were delayed in 30% of cases and invalid in 20% of cases.

This means that manufacturers must react to remain competitive, or even to turn these circumstances into a competitive advantage. More than ever, organizations need to adopt and cascade the behaviors of coordination and transparency, in particular, by:

  • Clarifying customer expectations and the scope of the project with teams
  • Ensuring stability within the technical scope of the project
  • Controlling the use of critical resources and preventing disruptions to engineers' work (stop-and-go multi-tasking)
  • Providing a shared insight into the program’s real state of progress, its critical path, warning points, and technical risks, so that stakeholders know what to really expect
  • Deciding on and implementing corrective measures as soon as problems have been identified and clarified.


How can Argon Consulting help you?

  • Clarifying, harmonizing, and implementing rules and management (of both progress and resources), which favor the transparency and sharing of real performance between stakeholders and for management
  • Creating and implementing Project and Program organizations (according to the sector: Program Manager and team, Engineering Project Manager, Marketing Project Manager, etc.) and the management and decision-making system to ensure teams’ accountability, anticipation, and coordination in "project mode"
  • Implementing new project management methods to help them adjust to their increasing complexity. This includes:
    • Management of various R&T/innovation projects in extended mode
    • Multi-site management and visual management
    • Management of (H2020-type) European programs
    • Critical chain and margin management method
  • Intervening in major programs and projects that are in crisis (or during preparation), to assess the likely delay, the risks of implementing all necessary levers to manage and reduce delays and/or time-to-market. In this context, our intervention is not limited to Development/Engineering and may draw on all our knowledge (Finance, Supply Chain, Procurement, Production, and Maintenance, Repair and Operations/Overhaul (MRO)) to best support Program Managers.

Case Studies

Deployment of a standard design-to-cost approach in an international group
Management and acceleration of an innovation program
Comprehensive restructuring of R&D processes – skills transfer