Overview: Research & Development

Cover the target markets, have the key skills, develop the required products and services, and be distinctive, all at the lowest cost


Factors such as glocalization, shorter development cycles for multiple products in parallel, the emergence of new competitors, and the need to free-up cash for innovation have presented companies with a new deal: challenging the traditional development and cost model of a new product or service.


Research and Development (R&D) and Engineering are functions whose primary value is to maintain and increase the sum of knowledge and its use for new applications, markets, and customers. They differ from other company functions in four major aspects:

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  • They address both the short-term and future performance of the company
  • They are direct price and non-price competition levers
  • They are also indirect levers because the decisions made during the product and service development phases affect the costs of other company functions
  • The intrinsic performance of R&D activities does not exclusively depend on optimized processes and tools: tacit knowledge and soft skills are essential (behavior of middle management, authority boosted by skill, motivation, etc.)

Numerous R&D/Engineering improvement plans and organizational changes fail to provide sustainable financial results, and budgets ultimately remain unchanged. So manufacturers are faced with a number of questions:

  • Are your R&D and Engineering models competitive? In the short term? In the long term? What role do they play in your business strategy?
  • What innovation capacity is your company developing and what is the effect of collaborative leverage?
  • Are your new products and services competitive?
  • Are you in control of costs, lead times and the quality of the products and services developed?
  • Do your development or design teams factor in the potential impact of the costs they are causing other company functions?
  • How are you addressing improving the competitive performance of your R&D and Engineering?

How can Argon Consulting help you?

  • Identifying and quantifying R&D and Engineering operational performance levers
  • Deploying with your teams, in a practical and sustainable way, the best practices for improving performance, by combining techniques and behaviors: Organization Potential, Product Competitiveness, and Engineering Efficiency


Argon Consulting's clients include:

Clarins, Cofel, EFI Automotive, Eutelsat, JST transformers, Pierre Fabre, Safran, Thalès, etc.



Case Studies

Deployment of a standard design-to-cost approach in an international group
Management and acceleration of an innovation program
Comprehensive restructuring of R&D processes – skills transfer