Procurement Processes: P2P

Optimize processes with new technologies in order to speed up Procurement performance and secure savings

New technologies are providing innovative solutions that support the transformation of procurement organizations with optimized processes.

Since the end of the 2000s, the emergence of new technological players has revolutionized procurement organizations’ operational capacity. New levers and unexploited potential are finally becoming accessible.

Thanks to the analysis of vast amounts of often inconsistent and incomplete data by intelligent semantic analysis and experience-capitalization applications, it is now possible to create precise, accurate, multidimensional roadmaps in real-time (procurement segment, business unit, geography).

Compliance management, i.e. the correct application of negotiated procurement T&Cs and contracts, is no longer a myth but a reality.

Procurement and finance managers can finally contemplate better budget and expenditure control, and users and decision-makers can manage their operations more rigorously.

The owners of these new tools - internet pure players - have paved the way for major advances in the domains of ergonomics, information research relevance, and flexibility of the processes implemented, not to mention the advent of user mobility.

Procurement and supply has become as simple as using Amazon, while guaranteeing strict compliance with contracting procedures and expense tracking.

The procurement function can now use simple, easy-to-deploy applications, which are low-cost in comparison to traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to design and implement new procurement strategies that have thus far been inaccessible or at the very least limited.

How can Argon Consulting help you?


  • Understanding the issues surrounding Information Technology (IT) applications with stakeholders, the range of services, and market trends
  • Making objective decisions about solutions, thanks to our independence from developers
  • Defining a transformation roadmap for procurement organizations, based on the implementation of these new technologies
  • Revising optimized Procure-to-Pay (P2P) processes
  • Finding new procurement levers
  • Defining and implementing organizations

Case Studies

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