SG&A Transformation Plan

How to secure the achievement of results

Following the diagnosis and elaboration of the target vision, it is essential to put together a transformation plan to ensure that targets are achieved. This plan includes all the initiatives and projects identified, and takes into account the constraints (social, financial, technical, etc.), aims (level of disruption and lead times), and degree of commitment of management teams.

Context and challenges

The transformation plan must be accompanied by a strategy and a change management plan. Finally, a management committee (concerned with governance and indicators) must be put in place in order to measure the progress of the actions and their results.  

The following key factors guarantee the results delivery:

  • Limiting the term of the three-year plan to guarantee its impact
  • Reconciling bottom-up (reducing the number of local initiatives) and top-down approaches (launching more global initiatives)
  • Creating momentum to quickly deploy initiatives on a group-wide scale (functions, Business Units (BUs), countries, head offices)
  • Quickly linking accessible initiatives with immediate benefits to structural initiatives that improve efficiency in the long term
  • Specifically handling the HR and social aspect of structure projects with the HR management
  • Including in the review the investment necessary to achieve targets
  • Securing a budget commitment for the targets identified
  • Integrating project targets into yearly staff targets (other than senior management, who are already interested in the budget)


How can Argon Consulting help you?

  • Structuring and coordinating the plan
  • Identifying new opportunities to include in the plan, through ad hoc and specific studies
  • Implementing complex transformation projects

Case Studies

Implementation of a “Lean Office” approach to improve the management of admistrative tasks (2000 people concerned)