Lean Office

Industrial methods to optimize administrative processes

For a long time, companies have not considered the effectiveness of administrative processes as a performance lever. However, a significant increase in productivity can be achieved in areas other than production facilities.

Context and challenges

Production relies on support functions, which allow it to manufacture products or provide services in optimum conditions, at peak performance:

  • Design and Methods Office: identifies new products and procedures
  • Supply: ensures that materials and components arrive on production lines
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  • Quality: defines the procedures for obtaining the required quality level
  • Management Control: produces and tracks the performance indicators that show areas for improvement
  • Human Resources: ensures the recruitment and development of employees

Beyond manufacturing products or providing services, a company can only optimize its performance if each of these functions is effective and efficient.

Lean Office aims to optimize all the administrative processes in a company by:

  • Carefully quantifying and analyzing all these tasks and expenditure of the departments in question
  • Challenging the need and value to internal (and external) clients of different tasks and activities
  • Assessing the risk of potentially eliminating certain tasks
  • Setting targets for those responsible for cutting costs, to promote reconsideration and make way for behavioral changes

How can Argon Consulting help you?

Argon Consulting's experience and its ability to get involved on the ground with operational teams enable it to support its clients in:

  • Choosing analysis units and identifying a cost-cutting target, through the analysis of performance and critical processes
  • Identifying levers and areas for improvement, and assessing the risk of eliminating certain tasks and/or expenditure
  • Conducting an in-depth study into potential disruptions and developing alternative target organization scenarios
  • Managing the whole analysis phase, involving key stakeholders (service heads, training, etc.) and related communications
  • Implementing the identified initiatives, by committing to achieving gains

Case Studies

Implementation of a “Lean Office” approach to improve the management of admistrative tasks (2000 people concerned)