IT Strategy

Define the IT target vision in support of operational performance and drive IT transformation

Information Technology Strategy uses several structural components - the Business Model, the global business strategy, and existing standards - to define a coherent, customized portfolio of applications and roadmap for its implementation.

Its success relies on achieving perfect control of the relationship between the business line and the technological applications that support it. Additionally, as technological cycles are becoming shorter, businesses are having to implement dynamic steering for their Information Technology development roadmap, or even frequently adjust their target.


How can Argon Consulting help you ?

  • Defining the target vision, by providing its expertise both on the business line and on the available technology
  • Managing the transformation of Information Technology
  • Aligning Information Technology initiatives with business line objectives
  • Defining the roadmaps for implementing Information Technology for the different business lines and structuring projects
  • Assessing and structuring governance and skills management
  • Improving the IT environment
  • Creating synergies based on Information Systems, following mergers
  • Setting up collaborations and partnerships
  • Developing outsourcing and offshoring

Case Studies

Manage a program to launch a new sales IS for the deregulation of the energy market for the general public