IT Selection Support

Bring an expert eye to technological and software choices

Argon's expertise enables companies faced with a vast range of applications and constantly evolving technological options to see beyond developers' sales pitches. Argon offers total objectivity with respect to solutions, and makes exacting functional and technical demands.

After defining the business needs and the required functional components, selecting the most suitable IT tools is a key stage in any transformation project requiring the development of a company’s Information Technology.

The selection process must make it possible to strike a balance between the fulfilment of business needs, consistency with the global information technology environment, and the costs of acquisition, implementation, and maintenance.

The simultaneous control of opportunities, business needs, the range of solutions, and their actual capacities is critical to the success of external support in the selection process.

Choosing a solution can be a long, complex process; Argon provides an effective methodology, promoting buy-in by internal decision-makers (businesses, finance, information technology studies and operation) in six key areas (Business-Technical-Project-TCO-Risks-Contract).


How can Argon Consulting help you ?

  • Defining, structuring, and prioritizing business needs to challenge the tools assessed
  • Defining the selection process, according to project priorities, and cost and lead-time restrictions
  • Finding software developers who can meet the needs of the business
  • Creating the consultation package for developers and implementing the solution assessment methodology
  • Coordinating the interaction of developers (demonstrations, visits and client testimonials, project meetings, and negotiation) with information technology and business line senior management
  • Operational benchmarking and technical assessment of solutions, based on our selection and implementation experience
  • Building the business case (assessment of benefits and costs) for different solutions
  • Making the final choice, based on buy-in by decision-makers

Case Studies

Manage a program to launch a new sales IS for the deregulation of the energy market for the general public