IT Deployment Support

Succeed in the implementation of an IT system

Implementing a new Information Technology system is often a high-risk project, since it is subject to multiple, seemingly conflicting demands (deadline, budget, sophistication, maintainability, etc.). Argon Consulting's expertise is in managing these demands, to deliver the full value of the Information Technology system.

External support provides added value by integrating an understanding of business needs, a comprehension of the real impact of the Information Technology system, and the ability to manage the negotiation process.


How can Argon Consulting help you ?

  • All upstream phases of the project:
    • Defining the project: choice of process and organization target scenarios and related architecture scenarios,  provision of guidance in the choice between these scenarios, initial impact study, definition of key stages and milestones, delineation of the different project phases, relevant calendars, budget planning, and establishment of the modus operandi of different stakeholders
    • Implementing leading bodies and driving them throughout the project, taking inspiration from Lean Management methods (visual management, stand-up meetings, etc.)
    • Setting-up the quality plan and the risk management plan
  • Providing the methodology for the design and implementation of the solution, based on Agile method principles: division into sprints (or iterations), definition of user cases, weekly review of the prototype and identification of any deviations, management of requirement/cost/lead-time negotiations, preparation and planning of acceptance testing
  • Performing proof of concept testing, allowing the main expected functionalities to be tested prior to implementing the solution, in order to validate the business need and create an end-user simulation
  • Steering change management to guarantee buy-in by stakeholders and the support of client departments: preparation and implementation of the communications plan for the project, business impact study (function- and process-based approach), preparation of a training plan, deployment kits, and on-the-ground user support
  • Executing comprehensive project management: control of lead time, budget and quality of deliverables, permitting any deviations to be anticipated and suitable solutions to be proposed
  • Validating the project’s conclusion and reviewing the deliverables

Case Studies

Manage a program to launch a new sales IS for the deregulation of the energy market for the general public