Launch of the Change Plan

Combine proven techniques and innovative approaches

Evolving behavioral patterns are revolutionizing change management. This process can no longer be driven exclusively by senior management but is instead being enabled by the development of collaborative tools.

Context and challenges

In each company, it is now possible to identify the right combination of proven methodologies and new approaches to ensure that the benefits of transformation can be reaped faster and act as a source of employee engagement.

Based on the change management strategy defined in the Envision phase, the Engage and Design phase will pinpoint the right combination and specify the action required.

The aim of the Engage and Design phase is to: more
  • Develop and implement the communication and change actions identified in the Envision phase
  • Define the detailed medium- and long-term change management plan, from a forecasting, risk management, and industrialization perspective
  • Develop the necessary content to carry out the change management plan

This phase is based on:

  • The strategy and the communication plan defined in the Envision phase
  • An assessment of the suitability of new collaborative tools (social media, e-learning, videos, twitter, chatter; simulation games, etc.) for managing change within the corporate culture

It provides the opportunity to develop the necessary content for managing the change - this content can be defined by the project or collaboratively with the teams affected - ...

  • Organizational changes, if these are not addressed as part of the project
  • Roles and responsibilities, updated job descriptions
  • Managerial practices induced by the transformation
  • Deployment kit
  • Tools for managing implementation and appropriation

… the detailed change management plan on …

  • Collaborative and target-analysis project actions to achieve buy-in by teams
  • Internal (strategic, operational, project, employee representative bodies) and external (clients, suppliers, regulatory bodies, press, etc.) communications
  • Training

... and the related planning and deployment mechanism.


How can Argon Consulting help you?

  • Expertise and experience acquired by its consultants in transformation projects
  • Operational experience of our consultants
  • Methodological kits