Improvement Methods

Make the organization efficient by applying the most appropriate improvement methods

Maintenance activities need to constantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of processes. Various types of optimization initiatives exist; these may target, for example, organizational efficiency or the reliability of equipment.

Context and challenges

In recent decades, specific maintenance optimization strategies, such as total productive maintenance (TPM), 5S, Failure mode, effects and criticality analysis (FMECA), and Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) have been developed. The more recent application of Lean Management principles to maintenance activities also offers new opportunities to launch optimization initiatives in business lines that are often less affected by this type of approach than production activities. more

These initiatives give rise to increases in productivity. They also help to set the company on the track to what is hoped will be continual progress.

These initiatives will have more or less impact depending on the context, so it is important to pick the initiative before taking any action.

The aim is to develop not only the technical aspects of maintenance but also human resources and management methods, by helping every level of the company to understand the impact of maintenance on overall performance.

How Argon Consulting can help you?

  • Analyzing existing maintenance practices and optimization initiatives that have already been launched: maturity of practices in relation to our maintenance baseline, existence and level of impact of existing optimization initiatives, specific characteristics of the organization and production system (for a suitable selection of optimization initiatives to be launched)
  • Identifying which initiatives to launch in order to meet organizational performance expectations, while ensuring adequate buy-in by operations (first-line management, internal or external direct maintenance support staff)
  • Delivering initial training on the initiatives to be implemented: brief training, adapted to the client's context, on the concepts underpinning these methods and how to implement them within the organization
  • Defining the business case, making it possible to describe the quantitative/qualitative outcome of the optimization initiatives
  • Implementing the optimization initiatives and transferring skills to existing teams