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    ADD - The Argon Magazine

    ADD, for ‘Adding Value’, is the biannual magazine by Argon Consulting focusing on operational performance in firms.

    The purpose of the magazine is to provide company directors with an overview of initiatives, know-how on competitiveness and on the impacts of upcoming changes in the organization of Operations.

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    Digital collaboration streamlines sourcing for intelligent eprocurement
    Interested in understanding how frictionless collaboration between Design, Engineering and Procurement departments helps companies achieve a sustainable competitive advantage? Find out how by reading Jean-Pierre Pellé interview in Dassault Systems Compass Magazine.

    To read the article : click here

    IoT for Supply Chain : Air tracking in the age of LPWAN networks
    LPWAN Networks are game-changing for low cost asset tracking - but their application to air freight is constrained by several obstacles: network coverage, plane mode, regulation compliance… So where are we now, and when will we be able to take IoT tracking to the air?

    Clovis Ravion, Senior Consultant and Benjamin Grise, Senior Manager at Argon Consulting, describe the challenges to overcome in this article.

    Industrial flexibility : How new mathematic optimisation methods can contribute to better manage Industrial Agility?
    In this new White Paper, Etienne de Saint Germain, PhD, Senior consultant, and Fabrice Bonneau, Vice president at Argon Consulting, are explaining where those solutions can help and how relevant they can be for your company.

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    Crimson & Co recognised as one of the UK’s Leading Management Consultants by the Financial Times
    Crimson & co UK, part of Argon Group, has been recognised by the Financial Times as one of the bests UK's Leading Management Consultants. Congrats !

    Discover more about this award here

    Fashion : Five best practices to improve time to market
    Time to Market: A major challenge for fashion brands. Discover how to improve it in 5 steps with Eric Elkouby, Director Procurement and Product development in retail and luxury at Argon Consulting.
    Eric ElkoubyDirector
    Argon consulting : A top key player in Global Supply Chain Consulting
    Argon Consulting is proud to be part of the Top Key Players in the 'Global Supply Chain Consulting Services Market 2018-2025 Market Research Report' realised by Contrive Datum Insights.

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    Field service management : From reactivity to proactivity
    Laure van Effenterre, Director at Argon Consulting, explains what are the levers to improve field services performance and develop proactivity.
    4 major innovations coming to your warehouse
    With the help of Argon Consulting, TedMag gives you a closer look at 4 major innovations that will change warehouse organisation.

    Discover how drones, smart wearables, and new processes will come in your warehouse by clicking here.

    Bertrand Allard was a speaker at the Global Business Services (GBS) event organised by Enterprise Greece last Tuesday.
    Bertrand Allard, Partner at Argon Consulting, was a speaker at the Global Business Services (GBS) event organised by Enterprise Greece last week. He shared the Key Drivers for selecting the appropriate location for establishing GBS centres in Europe.
    After the merger between Argon Consulting and Crimson & Co, 230 consultants met for the Summer University 2018 !

    Sharing Best Practices and experiences, enriching business skills and developing digital innovations to enrich our expertise to support our clients!

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    Argon Consulting and Crimson & Co were in the Sigfox Connect event
    Argon Consulting and Crimson & Co were proud to be part of the Sigfox Connect event in Berlin with Michel Savini discussing the benefits of digital in operations and Guillaume Roux presenting the disruptive IoT container tracking solution implemented by Michelin.
    Release ADD#9: Supply Chain 4.0 : a Big Bang?
    There is currently a lot of media hype about IoT, blockchain and data science so we felt it would be useful to discuss the incremental or disruptive nature of the transformations that these technologies will actually have on a supply chain that is already well equipped with information systems.
    Using real use cases implemented with industrialists and retailers, we will address in this edition the four characteristics of Supply Chain 4.0: connected, predictive, secured and automated.
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    Argon Consulting in the top 10 of the UK's best consulting firms for Supply Chain and Operations
    Argon Consulting is proud to have been ranked in the top 10 of the UK's best consulting firms by the Financial Times for Operations and Supply Chain.

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    Argon Consulting, Best Management Consultancy France 2019
    Argon Consulting is proud to have been recognized as "Best Management Consultancy France 2019" by the French magazine Capital. This ranking is based on the opinion of consultants and clients and puts Argon Consulting, 1st on Supply Chain and Purchasing, 2nd on Production and 3rd on Cost Optimisation.
    Productivity - Aim for transformational rather than incremental change

    The issue of low productivity is not confined to the financial press anymore: whilst it is a subject of concern in the UK ever since the financial crisis, it is more and more discussed in other developed Countries, as a risk for the coming years. Discover more with Guilhem Lavabre, Partner at Argon Consulting.

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    Argon Consulting has been recognised by as one of the best consulting firms for IT Strategy and Digital Transformation has analysed the research of Statista and the Financial Times to determine 50 of the best firms for IT strategy and digital transformation services. Argon Consulting appears in this ranking.

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    Release ADD #08 - People: Key Partners for Successful Transformations
    Do you want to know more about the role of People in Transformations? Why are they Key Partners for Success? Discover our journal of ideas ADD #08 - People: Key Partners for Successful Transformations

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    Michelin tracks inter-continental sea-freight flows with an IoT-Based solution developped with Sigfox France and Argon Consulting

     Michelin, Sigfox France and Argon Consulting announced the launch of a new disruptive solution for the tracking of sea-freight containers in real-time based on Sigfox’s technology and global network. Michelin, the world-leading tire manufacturer, has actively participated in the development of this solution for the past 12 months and is an early-adopter of this solution, already in use on some of their critical inter-continental flows.

    This innovative, easy-to-deploy and affordable solution provides freighters with a real-time geolocation service of their containers from the initial warehouse to the final point of delivery. It will bring operational value by reducing the lead-times, providing alerts about delays and ensuring appropriate transport conditions. Ultimately, it will enable the shippers to develop new services for their clients and potentially expand their business.

    Read the Press Release

    Argon Consulting and Crimson & Co merge to create a leading international consulting firm that specialises in Operations transformation.


    Argon Consulting, an independent consulting firm and the leader in operations transformation in France, and Crimson & Co, a global management consultancy that specialises in the supply chain, are delighted to announce that they are merging. The company will bring together the extensive expertise of Argon Consulting and the global reach of Crimson & Co to establish a new global group with more than 230 consultants in 6 offices across the world (Paris, London, Atlanta, Singapore, Melbourne and Mumbai).

    Read the Press Release.

    How to streamline the Supply Chain with IoT?​
    Listen to Pierre-Fabrice Storino, Partner at Argon Consulting in an interview about the Supply Chain and its blind flows: Iot is the way to clear the clutter, get real time reliable information and master the physical flows.

    Watch the interview.

    Tracking your sea-freight container with IoT - what benefits?
    Independant from shipping lines and transporters, plug-and-play solution, competitive price, IoT gives visibility on your sea-freight container's transportation (localisation, luminosity, temperature...) and allows you to get a better customer relationship (tracking of stocks, delay alert...).

    Read our infographic.

    What's the best way to track your container?
    Asset Tracking with IoT is a way to get real-time visibility of ‘blind flows’. Enhanced control of physical flows will help Supply Chain manager to reduce uncertainty and significantly improve their Supply Chain agility. Discover the benefits of using IoT trackers to track sea-freight containers in real-time.

    Play the video.

    Get rid of blind flows with IoT!​
    When the Supply Chain is complex and involves many actors (suppliers, transportation companies...), it becomes very challenging to have an end-to-end view. Asset Tracking with IoT is a way to get real-time visibility of "blind flows".

    Discover our use cases.

    Towards customer-oriented manufacturing
    What if we really brought the customer into manufacturing? Discover ten golden rules for operating, in a complex environment, a model for excellence where manufacturing is customer-oriented.

    Given the increasing need for agility, and with the manufacturing organization focused on costs, conflicts can arise in Manufacturing / Supply chain relations. Most companies have therefore concluded that Manufacturing Excellence should be realized in a “more customer-oriented” factory, with a better balance between cost and agility.

    Read our Expert Insight

    Argon Consulting is one of the UK's Top 20 management consultancies
    A Financial Times Survey has today recognised Argon Consulting as one of the UK's Top 20 management consultancies (see "FT Special Report: UK's Leading Management Consultants 2018"). In addition to the overall ranking Argon Consulting was placed in the Top 10 consultancies in the "Operations and Supply Chain" category and in the Top 20 consultancies in the "Digital Transformation" category.

    Read our press release.

    Nicolas Gellé, Partner at Argon, gives his opinion about the warehouse 4.0 in FM Logistic
    Read the opinion of Nicolas Gellé, Partner at Argon, in FM Logistic regarding the future of the warehouse. How to anticipate new technologies? How to stay competitive in a fast moving environment?


    To know more.

    Nicolas GelléDirecteur Associé
    Argon Consulting and Sigfox announce their Partnership, aiming to build the Supply Chain 4.0
    The partnership between Argon Consulting and Sigfox have notably brought a world-first in tracking maritime containers. Sensors enabled real-time detection of unloading on arrival at port, anticipation of activity, reduction of shipping delays, and visibility for the final client.

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    The BBC mentioned Argon Consulting as expert of the future Warehouse
    Flying drones and robots now patrol distribution warehouses - they've become workhorses of the e-commerce era online that retailers can't do without. It is driving down costs but it is also putting people out of work: what price progress?


    Read the article by clicking here.

    The future Warehouse: are you ready?

    Jeremy Hammant, Partner at Argon, analyses how new technologies will transform supply chains and why the warehouse will be at the heart. Discover his article on Focus by clicking here.

    For more information, you can reach our website dedicated to the future warehouse:

    Pierre-Fabrice Storino joins Argon
    Argon is glad to announce the arrival of Pierre-Fabrice Storino as Partner.

    With a 15-year experience in Supply Chain, Marketing and Retail, Pierre-Fabrice let several pioneering projects in the Internet-of-Things area. Within Argon Digital, he owns the "Connected Operations" offer, which aims to build future models of Connected Supply Chain and to propose pioneering solutions combining IoT and Data Science. Pierre-Fabrice graduated from Ecole polytechnique and Télécom ParisTech.

    Annual report
    Argon is proud to announce the creation of Argon Digital
    Bring digital revolution to your operations!


    Internet of Things (IoT) networks,Data Science, process robotization packages offer opportunities to create value, competitivity, and new business models.

    Argon Digital have a pragmatic and targeted approach: thanks to our expertise, we identify the future uses and quickly implement pilots to quantify the expected value. Several solutions are already used by our clients and deliver results.

    This operational ground allows us to also help general and operationnal directions to elaborate the digital strategy in their operations.

    Discover our website dedicated to digital innovation:

    Purchasing from a client perspective
    Procurement Systems designed by ERP geeks are missing the point. So are those designed by Procurement people.

    Read our Point of View.

    Brexit-proofing your upstream Supply Chain: a mitigation Strategy
    Brexit is going to have an impact on your company and specifically on your Supply Chain. Are you prepared enough? Have you thought about all the consequences? And the solutions?

    Read our White Paper

    Release ADD #07 : Towards of a new kind of Manufacturing Excellence
    Do you want to know more about the new areas of Manufacturing Excellence?

    Discover our journal of ideas ADD #07 : Towards a new kind of Manufacturing Excellence

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    Argon Consulting joins the MCA
    Argon Consulting is proud to announce it joins the Management Consultancies Association. The MCA is the representative body for the UK's leading management consulting firms. All MCA members are committed to highest standard of ethical behaviour, client service and professionalism.

    According Alan Leaman, Chief Executive of the MCA: "Argon Consulting is recognised as a leading player in supply chain consulting and are fully committed to the 9 principles of Consulting Excellence."

    Arrival of Guilhem Lavabre
    Argon Consulting strengthens its position in the UK Market with the recruitment of a new Partner, Guilhem Lavabre.

    Member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply, Guilhem owns a MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering and a post-graduate degree from the Institut du Management de l’Achat Industriel in Bordeaux, France. Guilhem is a Strategic Sourcing & Procurement expert. His style reflects his own experience, devising and delivering Transformation projects on the basis of hands-on, results driven initiatives implemented in close cooperation with his clients’ teams.

    Argon Consulting has created a website dedicated to the Future Warehouse
    Our expert team from Argon Consulting has worked with three students from Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées to imagine what warehouses will look like in the future. They have mapped the potential evolution of warehousing and logistics for the next decade and beyond.

    This innovative project has created a dedicated website : to share the results.

    Argon appears in CTV News
    Farnborough air show flies into Brexit storm

    Jean-Louis Dropsy, Director, spoke with CTV News during the Farnborough Air Show.

    Read the article.

    Argon Consulting recognized by Gartner as one of the 20 best consulting firms worldwide in Supply Chain & Operations
    Argon Consulting is featured in the 2016 Gartner Market Guide for Supply Chain Strategy and Operations Consulting.
    Carrefours HEC
    Argon Consulting will participate in Carrefours HEC, the HEC Paris recruitment forum, on january 27th 2016

    To find out more

    Argon Annual Seminar at Usine IO
    Luis Flaquer, General Manager of COFEL, explained how Argon participated in his company's competitiveness improvement
    Argon quoted in Industry Week
    « Bombardier Regroups After Airbus Setback »

    Director Jean-Louis Dropsy expresses his point of view in Industry Week. Read the article

    Argon Consulting and The Hackett Group conclude a strategic partnership
    The ambition of this partnership is to offer their customers a unique value proposition to improve their competitiveness
    Arrival of Antoine Grenier and Bertrand Allard
    Argon strengthens its expertise with the arrival of Antoine Grenier and Bertrand Allard in the fields of operational excellence

    The arrival of Antoine and Bertrand corresponds to our ambition to enlarge our scope of intervention in order to better apprehend all competitiveness levers.
    Argon Consulting’s mission is now to guide its customers in their transformation all along the operational value chain as well as support functions and performance management in order to improve their competitiveness in a sustainable way

    Arrival of Xavier Calamy
    Argon Consulting reinforces its Supply Chain practice with the arrival of Xavier Calamy

    The Supply Chain optimization is a part of our DNA and is a historical offer of Argon Consulting. More than ever, it represents a strategic issue for our customers. The arrival of Xavier allows us to complete our expertise and consolidate our leading position in this field.

    Arrival of Jean-Pierre Pellé
    Argon Consulting strengthens its Procurement and Research & Development practices with the arrival of Jean-Pierre Pellé as a Director.

    Jean-Pierre’s joining us shows our will to reinforce our know-how in Procurement, especially in the Industry sector and to develop our new Design to Value offering in collaboration with our R&D practice

    Argon appears in Le Figaro
    "Engine manufacturers are speeding up their production rate"

    A Manager, Jérémie Bach writes in Le Figaro as the Salon du Bourget 2015 takes place.

    ADD # 04, the Argon Magazine
    "How to place your suppliers at the heart of the performance of your operations ?"

    To find out more, ask for our magazine ADD

    Argon appears in L'Expansion
    "Airbus and Boeing must step on the gas to increase their production speed"

    A director, Jean-Louis Dropsy expresses himself by writing in L'Expansion on the occasion of the Salon du Bourget 2015. Read the article


    CPO Connect Conference
    "Best practices driving Global Category Management"

    A partner, Christophe Durcudoy and a director, Jean-Pierre PELLÉ share their knowledge of category management during the CPO Connect organized by Zycus

    Argon mentioned in
    "Argon Consulting maintains a lasting relationship with training organizations"

    A HR manager, Nathalie Perrin expresses herself about training companies. Find more

    ADD # 03, the Argon Magazine
    "How to optimize working capital ?"

    To find out more, ask our ADD magazine

    Supply Chain Event 2014
    "Energy, the challenges for a globalized supply chain"

    A partner, Patrick Legris takes part on November, 27th 2014 in the Supply Chain Event 2014. To find out more

    Trium Forum
    Argon Consulting will be part of the recruitment forum on november 5th 2014

    To find out more

    Carrefours Logistiques Conference
    "Integrating the multi-level availability of components for a realistic planning"

    A partner, Thierry Lucas and a senior manager, Florian Saucias speak on october, 16th for the Logistic Hubs event

    Argon's Speed Dating
    Argon sets up a professional Speed Dating at its office

    Continuing its growth, Argon recruits : Junior & Senior Consultants and Managers.

    LSA's Supply Chain Congress
    "Food e-commerce : operational models and development outlooks"

    A director, Grégory Boulanger takes part in the LSA's Supply Chain Congress on September, Thursday 18th 2014

    Argon in Supply Chain Magazine
    "Why and how to make the order picking more reliable ?"

    A director, Eric Thomann wrote an article in Supply Chain Magazine

    Eric ThomannDirector
    Argon publishes in La Lettre des Achats
    Purchasing management consulting services : "An offer hard to judge and a value too subjective "

    Results of the Argon's study upon purchasing management consulting services are published in La Lettre des Achats.

    Argon appears in Le Figaro
    "Primark continues its offensive in France"

    A director, Grégory Boulanger speaks in Le Figaro. Read the article 


    Arrival of Jean-François Laget
    Argon strengthens its teams with the arrival of Jean-François Laget as Partner

    Jean-François has knowledge in competitiveness programmes with a special focus on operations improvement (R&D, Purchasing,  Manufacturing, Supply Chain).

    Argon is recognized a Great Place to Work 2014
    Argon ranks 8th in the Great Place to Work 2014 list

    To find out more


    Arrival of Patrick LEGRIS
    Argon stengthens its Industry Practice with the arrival of Patrick Legris as Partner

    Patrick Legris joined Argon Consulting with the view to strengthen teams in operations performance and competitiveness.

    ADD # 02, the Argon Magazine
    "How to make a competitiveness plan successful ?"

    To find out more, ask our ADD magazine


    European Business Awards
    Argon has been shortlisted in the final round of the European Business Awards 2013/2014

    This european contest rewards the most innovating and efficient companies. To find out more 

    Argon's move
    Argon's teams to settle down along the banks of the Seine

    Our new adress 122 rue Edouard Vaillant 92300 Levallois Perret

    Study carried out by Argon and HEC
    "The operational concerns of business managers"

    Argon Consulting publishes a survey jointly with HEC on the operational concerns of business managers. To find out more, ask our ADD magazine

    Supply Chain Event 2013
    "What are the outlooks for omnichannel supply chain by 2020 ?"

    A director, Gregory Boulanger takes part in the Supply Chain Event 2013

    Supply Chain Event 2013
    "Registering SCM as a performance improvement lever : the case of Safran"

    A partner, Thierry Lucas takes part in the Supply Chain Event 2013