A wide range of activities characterized by the sale of services realized with human resources and technologies 

Most of the B2B services sectors are facing a growing demand for personalization from customers, in a context of pressure on price and the increasing importance of technological investment. 


The majority of companies in the B2B services sectors have to review their operational models in order to widen their room for maneuver and achieve greater efficiency and flexibility. more

In the B2C services sectors, the offering is less personalized, but customer experience is the key factor and needs to be constantly improved.

On an operational level, the services sectors are characterized by:

  • A payroll representing 60% to 80% of operating costs
  • The challenge of increasing the teams’ revenues by creating greater added value in the services provided to the customer
  • The need to improve resource efficiency
  • The pursuitof productivity by optimizing and automating the processes involved
  • A dynamic management of employee performance and development
  • The continuous adaptation of skills and offerings in line with market requirements
  • The development, pooling, and dissemination of expertise
  • A need for operational flexibility whilst increasing efficiency


In order to maintain their positions and guarantee sustainable growth, companies in the services sector are driven to:

  • Review their portfolio of offers in accordance with market requirements
  • Rapidly acquire new skills more
  • Strengthen the culture of service and commitment
  • Optimize their pyramid (roles assigned according to seniority)
  • Develop centers of expertise
  • Use nearshore resources
  • Transform  delivery processes
  • Optimize SG&A costs
  • Master the transition to digital technologies


How can Argon Consulting help you?

We help our customers in this sector to carry out their change projects, from assessing the challenges to applying the entire range of operational performance levers.


Argon Consulting’s customers include:

Lagardère Active, Banque de France, Vinci Concessions, Orange, Peverel, Louvre Hotels, Banque Accor, Buffalo Grill

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