What is the average length and size of a project?

This depends on the type of project:

  • Expertise/diagnostics: brief assistance (one to three months) with a small team (two to five people), including at least one expert
  • Implementation project: long-term assistance (six months or more)

What role does IT play in proposed assignments?

Argon is an operational performance consulting firm. We are not an IT consulting firm. Our work is not in designing IT systems but advising our clients to improve their operational performance.

It is clear that the development of certain processes in a company may have an impact on IT systems. Our role is therefore to identify them and support our clients in their organizational restructuring regarding the process, choice of solution, organization, and change management.

Are there many breaks between assignments at Argon?

The average time between assignments is relatively brief at Argon Consulting. Consultants have plenty to do during these periods: they take part in internal projects, help run training sessions, and write up business proposals, or they may provide additional support with ongoing assignments.

Do you get paid if you’re not assigned to a project?

Of course, salaries are fixed whether or not consultants are working on an assignment.

As a consultant, do I have to specialize in a particular sector or area of support?

No, our consultants may be required to work on any issue or in any sector; they are not specialized.

Will I have a desk?

Yes, consultants work in an open-plan office with of six to twelve people maximum, and each consultant has their own desk.

What equipment will Argon Consulting provide me with?

Argon employees are equipped with a laptop and a work phone.