A career at Argon

Development opportunities

We give the same development opportunities to all consultants who join our consultancy firm. The speed of their progression is determined by the skills they develop and the potential they show.

Managers assess their team of consultants at the end of each project. Consultants meet with their mentor twice a year to discuss their past projects, their development within the company, and their wishes for the future. An evaluation committee meets twice a year to review this and the opportunities to progress for each individual consultant.

The career path for a consultant is typically: Intern, Junior Consultant, Senior Consultant, Manager, Senior Manager, Director, and finally Partner.    

We also recruit experienced applicants who have worked in operations or for other consultancy firms.            






Argon staff profiles        

CAMILLE - Senior consultant
"Argon fully meets my expectations"

I graduated from Supélec (a French engineering school) and Columbia University and have been working for Argon for just over a year. I’ve already completed four assignments and am starting a fifth. I’ve had the opportunity to work on diagnostics and operational transformation projects, teaching me about real working methods.

I like being able to work with experts who are committed to passing on their experience and guiding us throughout each project. Argon fully meets my expectations: it is a consultancy firm which specializes in Operational Performance on a human scale, with real expertise. We’re also encouraged to take part in internal projects, from organizing the Christmas party to developing business offers or being involved in HR and marketing issues.

FATHI - Manager
"I particularly like being with my clients"

After completing my studies at Mines de Paris (a major French engineering school), I started my career at Renault in 2010, where I held two different positions in Supply Chain over four years. After this initial extremely enriching experience, I wanted to discover new areas and expand my skills base.

 I chose to join Argon Consulting because I had heard really good things from classmates about the firm's expertise, variety of assignments and life in the company. I particularly like being with my clients, helping them as an area expert person rather than a mere service provider.


SAMUEL – Senior Manager
"Developing a small structure like Argon UK is a challenge which motivates me every day!"

I joined Argon in September 2009, after graduating from Polytechnique (a major French engineering school) and Mines de Paris. I progressed from Junior Consultant to Manager, and then transferred to the London office in 2013. I’m actively involved in its internal and commercial development, in parallel with projects for our clients.

It’s a rewarding experience that allows me to combine my entrepreneurial spirit and consulting career. Developing a small structure like Argon UK is a challenge which motivates me every day!


LAURE – Director
"Attracted by the wide range of transformation skills at Argon, I decided to join Argon Consulting"

After studying at Ponts & Chaussées (a French science university), I worked in the Supply Chain division of a management consultancy firm for four years. Attracted by the wide range of know-how (Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement, etc.) and transformation skills at Argon, I decided to join Argon Consulting in 2011.

Since then, I’ve moved to the position of Senior Manager, which allows me to develop skills in project management, client relations and team leadership, while participating in the development of the firm and its internal activities: interviewing new candidates, creating and presenting business proposals, training, mentoring consultants and much more.

ISABELLE - Director
"What I like about Argon is that real attention is given to the development of consultants"

Graduating from Arts et Métiers ParisTech engineering school, I joined Argon in 2002 after a first professional experience with a logistics provider. I entered the firm as a Consultant, and have progressed to the role of Director.

Today, I’m thriving in this new more commercial role, while contributing to projects as an expert. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of sectors while following innovations and changes in our industry. I’ve really enjoyed being able to build my career and take part in this adventure.
What I like about Argon is that real attention is given to the development of consultants, reconciling their career and private life in the best possible way.


"Embarking on an adventure with Argon Consulting in 2012 was an obvious step".

Having worked for a large consultancy firm in general management for twelve years, embarking on an adventure with Argon Consulting in 2012 was an obvious step.
Argon brings me a great deal on a daily basis. The list of rewards is long, but I’ll focus on two main points: the constant intellectual emulation and the pleasure of team work.

Like every Argonaute, I try to make my daily contribution, helping the company grow through my expertise and the pleasure of passing it on to Argon’s next generation of employees and leaders.