Our approach

Our vocation: helping our clients to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage

Argon Consulting supports its clients in the transformation of their operations:

  • Across the value chain (R&D, procurement, production, maintenance, supply chain, logistics)
  • In optimizing SG&A and managing performance

      to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

We and our clients share the objectives of successfully implementing competitive plans, optimizing cash flow, integrating acquisitions, reducing production and SG&A costs, optimizing/improving service quality, improving management and control of operations, and improving general speed and efficiency. Our clients come from a range of sectors, including industry, retail, transport, energy, and utilities, where achieving these objectives is a key concern.

Guiding a client through a transformation process focused on enhancing its operational performance requires three-dimensional support:


Strategic thinking

Identifying high-impact, strategic levers, by combining a company-wide perspective with in-depth expertise.

Our operational transformation projects have taught us that greatest opportunities are to be found in cross-functional or cross-BU optimization, for example:

  • Setting up shared services to take advantage of potential synergies
  • Global productivity/inventory trade-off in cash flow optimization
  • Simultaneous consideration of logistics costs and customer support optimization
  • Ability of the procurement function to take into account supply chain requirements in the choice of suppliers, their follow-up and assessment, etc.

Our added value is primarily found in several areas:

  • Demonstrating cross-functional or cross-BU trade-offs for our clients, clarifying and objectifying them. We achieve this thanks to our understanding of cross-functional issues and our ability to calculate potential savings to accelerate decision-making
  • Working with our clients on the governance of their operations to ensure trade-offs with a positive long-term effect: responsibility, involvement of functions in decision-making bodies, internal supplier/client contracts, etc.
  • Successfully implementing transformations and ensuring continued savings
  • Reinforcing performance management mechanisms


Expert consultation

Companies often face very complex and specific problems. An external contribution focused solely on methodology or benchmarks is largely inadequate when required to quickly:

  • Understand and challenge existing operations
  • Provide new ideas and innovative solutions
  • Assess the real financial value of identified opportunities

That is why our Partners, all of whom are experts in their field, are heavily involved in the content of projects and provide their own feedback and overview. That is also why we recruit consultants from the best universities, who are able to understand and analyze complex problems and quickly provide our clients with quantified responses to support their decisions.


Operational implementation

At Argon Consulting, we are convinced that however good a goal is, it can only be achieved if it is shared and understood. That is why the first phase of a project is led by a highly experienced team with the standing necessary to align management on the targets and ensure adherence from the rest of the organization. In the final implementation phase, we focus on areas where we provide the greatest added value:

  • Creation of the transformation roadmap, defining areas of work, and identifying objectives
  • Provision of initial impetus in each area 
  • Heavy involvement in strategic and/or highly technical areas 
  • Continuous sharing of business knowledge on the target's operational attainment 
  • Overall steering and monitoring of savings
  • Transfer of skills to client teams